Cosmo Darts Fit Shaft Gear Hybrid SPINNINGZoom

Cosmo Darts Fit Shaft Gear Hybrid SPINNING

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Thread is approximately 40% stronger

Top where flights lock on are approximately 30% stronger

Overall strength is enhanced by using polycarbonate resin

It's now easier to tell between locked and spinning... Spinning shafts have a rounded top and Locked shafts have a flat top. Also, the top of the locked shaft is now in a matte finish

Only work with Fit Flights

Shaft length is the overall length not including threads If you install flights onto a Locked style shaft and then onto a Spin style shaft, you may notice the flight is looser than normal and may pop off easier. Avoid this by using separate flights for Locked and Spin shafts.

While the manufactures are using materials that should enhance the strength of their polycarbonate shafts-there is no warranty on either shafts or flights

All Dart Shafts are Sold in a set of 3
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